February update! 2-20-2018

Hi everyone! Finally have some free time to update the site a little bit. Some may have noticed I added a resources page, featuring some great free content for composers! I hope to see some of you in the Facebook groups. I also added a tab to the about section, which lists the software and hardware I use daily to write music, as a few people have asked. (Click here to view)

Today marked the debut of a motion-comic trailer for a new indie comic series, "Cry Hero", featuring an original theme from B. Free Productions.  Check out their site here , and view the video by clicking here. The epic original theme, entitled "Chosen" is also on this site in the AUDIO section, so please go have a listen! 

Stay tuned for more music projects, as a new smartphone game in development by one of the biggest app companies in the world, Cheetah Mobile, will feature music by B. Free Productions when it releases later this year! I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to play the game, it's really addicting and the artwork is phenomenal.

More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!