Helpful Internet Resources for Composers

This page will be updated periodically to bring you fresh and helpful content from the internet and attempt to gather it in one place.

Facebook Groups


Virtual Orchestration

"This group is for composers and arrangers who use samples and other electronic means to create orchestral and cinematic music.
Share ideas, ask for help, get feedback on your work, or just chat about anything related to virtual orchestration. "

Global Composers Network

"Welcome to the Global Composer’s Network – Facebook’s top resource group for composers, musicians, and orchestrators to converse and discuss ideas, ask questions, and progress their individual careers." 

Music Composers For film/tv/games

"Welcome to the Composers for Film/TV/Games group where we help each other Master our Craft and Advance our Professional Career in Music."


The Composers Network (TCN)

I like this one because they have their own Discord server which provides more instant/active feel, and was one of the first composer communities I found. The group was formed from members of Hans Zimmer's course on film scoring from They have daily activities and a forum just for sharing your work and getting feedback, and although I am not on the server as frequently as I used to be, I learned a lot here and made some good friends along the way.