8-20-2018 News and Updates Part One- Upcoming new app release and more!

Hello all! I have been incredibly busy this year, writing away for numerous projects. The new app from Cheetah Mobile will be releasing before the end of the year, which I contributed two tracks for. Here is a preview of the levels from the official demo (I wrote the music for the levels "Home" and "Starry Dream")

It's been a pleasure working with the team at Cheetah Mobile all the way in Beijing, China!

Another fun venture has been contributing many tracks for advertisements and promos for SWOKE E-Juices, in Paris, France. The art design that does into these simple promos is really quite incredible to witness. Many thanks to the owner, Aurelien, for keeping me busy with writing for these promos! Many of the new promos can be viewed HERE on their Facebook page, so please go check them out!