"Amazing and fast, very talented musician, great imagination. Thanks a lot!"  - GAD Recording Studio, Dubai


           I've been a musician since a young age, learning how to play my favorite movie themes by ear on a cheap 80's era Yamaha keyboard . I picked up a guitar at age 14 (7th grade, long hair, tight jeans, and an undying love of all music fast and heavy) and the rest is history.

           My father is an excellent guitarist and always inspired and influenced me. I began recording rock demo songs, along with orchestral and electronic music, on a Zoom 1608 Multi Track home recording studio. I plugged in the guitar or keyboard and played each layer for three-four minutes straight, no looping.

          I discovered the magic of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in 2008, starting with FL Studio and still using it to this day. Going through various phases with different electronic styles (Trance, Rap beats, and other experimental craziness) was never enough for me. My heart really wasn't in those genres, there was no passion there for me anymore. People noticed my music always had hints of something bigger, more cinematic and powerful.

             Not surprisingly, my absolute favorite music of all time, the sound that I am most passionate about, is film music. Huge orchestral sounds, beautiful soaring melodies... film music held a power that I have yet to hear anywhere else. This is what I truly wanted to create.

              Dishing out thousands of dollars on equipment and virtual instrument libraries, combined with countless hours of an obsessive drive and an undying passion to create the most powerful and beautiful music imaginable... every day I got a bit closer to realizing my dream. Watching it all come true, day by day.

            I started my own business and am privileged to work with creative minds all across the globe, sharing ideas and trying to write the perfect piece of music for countless projects and making amazing friends and connections along the way. 

           I am still on that journey, and I love every minute of it. Chase your dreams, because anything is possible.

-Brian Freeland