This page is dedicated to showcasing various content that I have written music for.

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Brian wrote the music for two levels of the new sequel to Rolling Sky, the award winning mobile app.

Brian wrote the music for two levels of the upcoming sequel to the award winning Rolling Sky mobile app.

Help wildfire disaster survivors simply by watching this video before November 1, 2018. Every video view means a $1 donation to Rebuilding Our Community Sonoma County, up to $25,000. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE! This money will help our community's most vulnerable fire survivors receive essential support in their recovery, especially those still in need of long-term housing.

James by Swoke

Swoke - Premium French E-Juice!

A short film about Mario popping out of a mysterious pipe into the real world! However, Mario's troubles have escaped with him and now he must face his enemies in new uncharted territory!

PSA for people suffering from ADHD

"Bad Dog" Animation by Sarp Serter.

Music and SFX by B. Free Productions

REAL LIFE Lego Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lego Minifigure Darth Maul has begun his extermination of all Lego Jedi. Forcing any to go into hiding. Through Snapchat's world view, He has been able to locate one of the last Lego Jedi's, Qui Gon Jinn.

Every choice we make has a consequence and for Detective Skyler Archer the stakes couldn't be higher. When serial kidnapper Mark Wright aka The Snatcher takes the entire Metro City mall hostage. He plays one of his most infamous games known as "Choices" with Detective Skyler Archer.

Double-Cross, an animation by Annie Zhu

What is SHIZAAM? It has no meaning. Yet it has a sound. Vibration. Movement. Stillness. Harmony. LEARN ISMET HIMMET KUNGFU HERE: FULLTIME EDUCATION IN CHINA: Main Theme Music: 'BAO YUAN SHOU YI' by B.FREE Productions

11:09, Take A Bow Orchestral Remix by B. Free Productions